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從傳統中汲取智慧,乃返本開新之途。 時值丁酉初夏,四海之云朋霞友,五洲之高道大德,共聚武當仙山,闡道德之真諦,覓濟世之良方。








孔德之容,唯道是從。 讓我們超越一己之私,不自是、不自矜,循理而動,遵道而行,相信人同此心、心同此理,以誠相待,互敬互愛,凝聚向上向善力量,為人類命運共同體的美好未來而攜手共進。


In the present era, the science and technology enjoy rapid advance; information exchange is increasingly fast and civilization progress is obvious to all。 However, human beings are still bothered by issues like environmental degradation, wealth gap and conflict and wars。

Acquiring wisdom from the tradition is a way of returning to the primitive innovation. Today we meet in the summer of 2017 at Wudang Mountains with distinguished guests and friends from all over the world, discussing Taoism and morality, as well as ways to benefit mankind.

Dao - the Brick of Nature, De - the Fabric of Civilization. The sages of Taoism have comprehended the great philosophy during their cultivation: the heaven, the earth and I are coexisting in the world, and all the things and I are an organic whole. Therefore, they all long hold the concept of Community of Common Destiny, proposing co-existence and common prosperity. However, selfish desire and prejudice may pull wool over one’s conscience, giving rise to conflicts and inequity. Thus to stabilize an insecure situation, one should first melt his or her emotions into Nature; the true Tao and morality lie in the cultivation of body and soul.

To explore the quintessence of Taoism culture, serve the modern society, promote culture exchange and peaceful development, we propose:

1. Uphold the tradition to develop Taoism according to the actual situation. Strengthen the efforts to collect, annotate, translate the classics. Build up-to-date ideological system of doctrine and push forward the modern annotation of Taoism and its global popularization.

2。 Uphold the spirit of equality and tenderness to enlighten individuals to have good virtues, purify individuals’ heart, serve the society, benefit mankind, actively participate in public philanthropy and promote a harmonious human society。

3。 Uphold the concept of longevity and physical and mental health。 Explore Taoists’ theory and methods of health preservation, summarize curing methods and medical achievements to achieve the heath of mind and body。

4. Uphold the theory that man is an integral part of nature. Mankind shall help to nurture the heaven and the earth, protect physical environment, facilitate ecological civilization and build a world of sustainable development.

5. Uphold the spirit of mutual tolerance and strength the exchanges of Taoists from home and abroad. Promote dialogs and cooperation between Taoism and other religions, enhance mutual understanding, dissolve conflicts and advance the interchange between different civilizations.

The form of great virtue depends on Tao. Let’s no longer think of our private ends and abandon self-approbation and self-conceit. Let’s act on the basis of reason and Tao. Let’s believe in the concept that everybody feels the same, so as to treat each other with all sincerity, respect and love. Let’s gather the strength of good deeds and join hands towards the bright future of the community of common destiny.

 12th  May, 2017  Wudang Mountain